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Lipo Laser Cavitation Reduction Treatments

Rejuvit Lipo Laser 60 minutes@ $225.00
Reduce your weight, tighten your skin, dissolve fat deposit under skin for releasing of toxic waste, and removal of these deposits through a healthy, non-invasive laser treatment, define and sculpt those areas of concern, and bring back your youthful, healthy beauty and wellness.

 Facial Treatments

 Facial Rejuvit Treatment 60 minutes@ $90.00
 Hydrate, Cleanse, and Purify your face, while having a very relaxing and calming experience.

Microdermabrasion Rejuvit Facial Treatment 60 minutes@ $150.00
This treatment is unique to help retain timeless beauty. Rejuvenate the balance of facial skin, creating a luminous, radiant, and rejuvenated youthful skin.

Mini Facial Treatment 30 minutes@ $60.00

Sebastian Rey Skin Care Facial Treatment 60 minutes@ $80.00
The power of this facial is in the ingredients. With a blend of organic oils, clay mud mask. Ideal for improving skin regeneration and metabolism. A perfect way of balance leaving you with an unforgettable wellness experience.

 Body Treatments

 Rejuvit Full Body Wrap Treatments 90 minutes@ $199.00
 An intense body wrap for purification and detoxification, instant action body shaping-silhouette looks slimmer and contours are firmed.
Rejuivit Body Wrap Treatment area specific 60 minutes@ $125.00

Pure Organic Ingredients used in all facial and body treatments

Far Infrared Sauna 30 minutes@ $40.00
Deep penetrating heat, delivering oxygen to the cells, boost your circulation, increase metabolism, burn calories, heal your bones, muscles, while relaxing and detoxifying your system

Tuning Forks Per Session 30 minutes@ $50.00
Sound Therapy for balancing the mind, body system, and improving your over all well being, and providing you with a refreshing connection to your intuitive and creative abilities. Used frequently with Autism, and ADHD client/patients, enjoy this tuning of your spirit, its amazing.

Neuro-Integration  60 minutes@ $125.00

Guided Imagery/Hypnotherapy  60 minutes@ $85.00
First session is intake 120 minutes, and there after are 60 min session, quite smoking revitalize your lungs, and bring energy back to your system, loose those unwanted pounds through the power of your sub conscious mind, change old beliefs that no longer serve your highest good, ride yourself of a habit that has been bothering you, and causing undue emotional stress, release stress from your life through this therapy, it works as you begin to change patterns, leave feeling more centered, more peaceful, and assured of yourself in every situation

Reiki Energy Massage 60 minutes@ $75.00

Please inquire about our special packages designed for your specific needs. (TBD in your first initial visit.)